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Sunhouse Babysitting has been providing high end childcare services to families in Vancouver since 2021. Our priority is to match you with a capable, professional, and friendly caregiver who shares your family values.

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Sunhouse Services

We recruit the most experienced Babysitters, Nannies & Educators with a passion for childcare.

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Need a break? Trust our On-Call Babysitting service for safe and reliable care. We recruit experienced babysitters with a passion for childcare. All for your on-call and regular needs.

Nanny Placements

Find your perfect match with our Nanny Placements. We carefully select highly-skilled, loving, full-time and part-time Nannies. Each placement is carefully screened to ensure a successful match.

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Nature School

Your children will love our Nature School program that emphasizes child-led, exploratory play and hands-on learning in a natural setting.  Designed for children aged 3-5 years old.

Our Process

Let's work together to find the best situation for you.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the process for Nanny Placements?
    The Nanny Placement process begins with understanding your family's needs. We then match you with a carefully selected nanny who meets your criteria. All our nannies go through a rigorous selection process, ensuring they are skilled, loving, and reliable.
  • How do you ensure the safety of my child with your Babysitting service?
    Safety is our top priority. All our babysitters undergo a comprehensive background check and are trained in first aid and child safety. They are also highly experienced in childcare, ensuring a secure environment for your children.
  • Can I choose the same babysitter each time I use your Babysitting Service?
    Absolutely! We understand the comfort and trust that comes from consistency. While we can't guarantee availability, we'll do our best to accommodate your request for the same babysitter each time.
  • What if I am not happy with my nanny from the Nanny Placements service?
    We aim to make the perfect match, but we understand that sometimes it might not work out. If you're not happy with your nanny, please let us know. We will work closely with you to resolve the issue or find a new nanny that fits your family better.
  • How does Nanny Sharing work?
    Nanny Sharing is an arrangement where two families share the services of one nanny. The children get the benefit of social interaction, and the families share the cost. Each arrangement is personalized to the needs and schedules of the two families to ensure a smooth, beneficial experience for all involved.
  • What qualifications do the nannies and babysitters in your service have?
    All our nannies and babysitters are thoroughly vetted and possess strong experience in childcare. Many have qualifications in fields like early childhood education. We ensure that all our caregivers meet the high standards we set, so you can trust them to provide excellent care for your children.

Our Testimonials

I felt so reassured

I was nervous to have someone outside of our family look after our little boy for the first time but after speaking with Nicole I felt so reassured.  She answered all my questions and made me feel much more at ease having a babysitter come over.

Sylvia P., Vancouver

Such a great experience 

I had such a great experience with our babysitter Rachel, she was so energetic and our kids really liked playing with her while we were out for dinner.

Tom B., Burnaby

So grateful to have met

We’re so grateful to have met April and Nicole at a local playground one day as my maternity leave was ending. I was nervous to leave my son but he instantly took to April’s warm and fun-loving spirit. He looked forward to spending time with her and we could relax knowing he was in such caring hands.

Shelby L., East Vancouver

Such a great experience 

I had such a great experience with our babysitter Rachel, she was so energetic and our kids really liked playing with her while we were out for dinner.

Tom B., Burnaby

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