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Work with Sunhouse
Apply to be a Nanny or Babysitter with Sunhouse

We take the stress out of finding work by connecting you with families actively seeking childcare services. We handle the administrative tasks, allowing you to focus what you do best – providing high-quality care for children.

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Apply as a Babysitter

If you're a gifted babysitter seeking flexible or regular shift booking opportunities, join our team!  At Sunhouse we appreciate your skills, passion, and your commitment to providing excellent care.


Our service dedicates itself to understanding your strengths and pairing you with families that will truly value your expertise. 


Sunhouse offers an enriching environment where you can thrive while making a positive impact on children's lives. Come be part of our team and help us create wonderful memories for families.

Apply as a Nanny

If you're a skilled nanny looking to make a difference, we invite you to join our team. We value your talent, dedication, and love for what you do!


We take the time to get to know you personally and work diligently to match you with families that appreciate your unique skills and individuality.


As team member, you'll get to work in an environment that respects and promotes diversity and inclusivity. Plus, we connect you with families that truly value your role in their children's lives. Join us and let's create wonderful, nurturing experiences for families together.

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Why choose Sunhouse?


Open Communication


Support and Guidance


New Opportunities


Fair Contracts


Flexible Schedules


Fun Staff Parties!

Personalized Job Matching Process

Your dream Nanny position is just an application away. 

Sunhouse considers not only your professional qualifications but also your personality, values, and the type of family environment you thrive in.


No more settling for jobs that don't align with your aspirations. With our personalized job matching, you'll find families that appreciate your expertise and match your preferences, ensuring a harmonious and rewarding nanny experience.


So, if you want to join us, take your time filling out the application and tell us all about yourself.

  • What is the process for Nanny Placements?
    The Nanny Placement process begins with understanding your family's needs. We then match you with a carefully selected nanny who meets your criteria. All our nannies go through a rigorous selection process, ensuring they are skilled, loving, and reliable.
  • How do you ensure the safety of my child with your Babysitting service?
    Safety is our top priority. All our babysitters undergo a comprehensive background check and are trained in first aid and child safety. They are also highly experienced in childcare, ensuring a secure environment for your children.
  • Can I choose the same babysitter each time I use your Babysitting Service?
    Absolutely! We understand the comfort and trust that comes from consistency. While we can't guarantee availability, we'll do our best to accommodate your request for the same babysitter each time.
  • What if I am not happy with my nanny from the Nanny Placements service?
    We aim to make the perfect match, but we understand that sometimes it might not work out. If you're not happy with your nanny, please let us know. We will work closely with you to resolve the issue or find a new nanny that fits your family better.
  • How does Nanny Sharing work?
    Nanny Sharing is an arrangement where two families share the services of one nanny. The children get the benefit of social interaction, and the families share the cost. Each arrangement is personalized to the needs and schedules of the two families to ensure a smooth, beneficial experience for all involved.
  • What qualifications do the nannies and babysitters in your service have?
    All our nannies and babysitters are thoroughly vetted and possess strong experience in childcare. Many have qualifications in fields like early childhood education. We ensure that all our caregivers meet the high standards we set, so you can trust them to provide excellent care for your children.
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